Our Mission

The mission of Franklin Court Assisted Living is to serve our Residents with the utmost care, respect, and dignity while preserving their independence.  This is also true of our coworkers, family members, vendors and visitors. 


Contact Us

Let us tell you why Franklin Court is the right choice for your loved one. 

Phone Number: 401-253-3679 ext. 0

Administrator - Angela Cabral, ACabral@ebcdc.org  401-396-8976

Nursing & Wellness Director -  Amy Leitao, ALeitao@ebcdc.org 401-396-9493

Admissions Director & Property Manager - Lisa Fisher, LFisher@ebcdc.org  401-396-9356

Unidine Food Services Director - Bonnie Rendine, BRendine@unidine.com 401-396-9460

Activities Director - Karey Lyman, KLyman@ebcdc.org 401-396-5755

Resident Services/Front Desk Director - Debra Whitmore– DWhitmore@ebcdc.org 401-396-9020

Housekeeping Director –Ana Cabral, acabral@ebcdc.org 401-253-3679 ext. 0