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Family Resources

Making decisions about housing options in your senior years can be difficult so we've compiled some resources that may assist you in making these important decisions for yourself or a loved one. 


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What is Assisted Living?  - Assisted Living is for seniors who need help with the activities of daily life yet wish to remain as independent as possible.  Assisted Living residents benefit from the advantages of a vibrant social environment.  In addition, they benefit from the added assistance of full service dining and personal care; including, medication management, assistance bathing, dressing, grooming, etc.  Services can be increased or decreased over time as needed.  


  • When and how can we tour? – Just call our office and set up an appointment with our staff to tour the community.  We can show you the dining room, common areas and examples of the different types of apartments we have available.  


  • What is the application process like? How long is the waiting list? – Your first step is to fill out an application, in order to be placed on our waiting list.  Our waiting lists vary in time depending on the type of apartment you are applying for.   Once an apartment becomes available, we will call to ask if you have interest.  If you do, we will need you to supply further documentation.  We will complete a financial and nursing assessment.  Once that process is complete and you have been approved, we will set up a move in date.  


  • What are the typical services provided at Franklin Court Assisted Living? -  Franklin Court Assisted Living provides a wide array of services and amenities such as;

    • Private apartments with private bathrooms.

    • Full service dining three times a day.

    • Medication Management

    • Assistance with bathing, dressing and grooming.

    • A variety of activities and outings both on site and off site including visiting speakers and musicians, book club, bingo and more!

    • Housekeeping weekly

    • Help coordinating transportation to doctor’s appointments

    • And more!


  • How much does it cost to live at Franklin Court Assisted Living? And, what’s included? This varies based on the type of apartment you choose or qualify for.  When you come for your tour, our staff is willing to discuss the cost of each of our types of apartments.  What we can say definitively is, unlike many assisted livings, Franklin Court does not charge a la carte for services like personal care or medication management.  Once you receive your monthly cost, it will be a set amount that will not vary based on the amount of care you need.  Your cost includes all personal care, medication management, dining, rent, utilities (with the exception of phone and cable), housekeeping, and in-house activities. 


  • Once I move in, can I come and go as I please?  Can I have visitors? -  Absolutely!  This is your home and you can come and go as you please!  You can also have visitors at any time.  We only ask that both you and your visitors sign in and out so that we know who is in the facility at any given time. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic we are actively screening all visitors with questions and temperature checks. We offer Covid-19 rapid tests for those who are not vaccinated.

  • Can residents have cars and is there assigned parking?  -  Residents are allowed to have cars.  However, the parking is not assigned and parking stickers are required.  


  • Are units furnished? -  We do not provide furniture.  You can bring your own furniture and belongings with you so that your apartment feels like home!

Independent vs. Assisted Living

When it comes time to decide about housing options in your senior years, there are a variety of choices.  Two of those choices can be found here at Franklin Court.  We provide an Independent Living and an Assisted Living option.  But, what is the difference and how do you decide which is the right choice?  It’s important to know the difference so that you can decide which option works for you or your family member.

Independent Living


Many seniors are physically able to live on their own, but instead choose to move into a Senior Independent Living Community either because: they lack the financial resources to own or rent their own home; they don’t want the burden of taking care of their own home; or, they prefer a more social environment.

The Franklin Court Independent Living Community provides private apartments with full service kitchens where residents are able to have a private living space where they can prepare their own food.  However, they are alleviated of the responsibility of a house like home repairs, caring for the grounds of their own home or snow shoveling.  

Residents tend to be able to get around on their own and they are fairly active.  They are responsible for their own care when it comes to medication management, bathing, dressing or grooming.  

In an Independent Living community, you have the opportunity to get to know people your own age with whom you can socialize.  Franklin Court provides many opportunities to participate in social activities and outings.


Assisted Living


Often, when people think of Assisted Living they confuse it with a nursing home.  Assisted Livings communities are not nursing homes.  Our Assisted Living is a place that seniors can live where they have their own private apartment with kitchenettes and private bathrooms, while still receiving any needed assistance with daily living that is required in order for the senior to be safe and comfortable.

Assisted Living tends to take the daily responsibilities of care that the average senior or their family member has at home and provides a support system.  

For example, Franklin Court Assisted Living has a full-service dining room that provides restaurant style dining three meals a day relieving the need for cooking and ensuring proper nutrition.  

We also offer assistance with scheduling and maintaining medication, and personal needs like bathing or dressing.

Assisted Living is meant to ease the burden of everyday daily living in order to provide the senior the opportunity to enjoy a safe, relaxing and social environment that is stimulating and vibrant.

IL vs. AL

How can I tell it’s time for Assisted Living?


Families often struggle with how they will know when it is time for their loved one to move to an Assisted Living community.  Here are some signs to look for that can be indications that Assisted Living would benefit your loved one.  While Assisted Living is not the only option if you see these concerns, the presence of them should be cause for concern and a sign of an increased need for assistance.  If your loved one has these signs, it would be valuable to use this information to discuss your options with your loved one’s physician.

  1. Health Issues:  Has your loved one had a recent medical scare, fall or accident?  Are they having a difficult time bouncing back after their injury?  Do they have an ongoing health issues that are worsening?  Do they seem frail?  Can they manage their own medication safely?

  2. Difficulty with Daily Activities:  Has your loved had a difficult time doing the day to day chores that are necessary to live independently?  Do they have trouble dressing, showering or cooking for themselves?  Are they capable of shopping or doing laundry on their own?  

  3. Social Interaction:  Is your loved one isolated from the world?  Do they interact with other people?  Do they have friendships?  Do they have interests or hobbies?

  4. Driving:  Have you noticed evidence of accidents or fender benders on the car?  Can they still safely focus on the road?  What is their reaction time to other drivers?

  5. Financial Issues:  Does your loved one keep up with their bills?  Do they have piles of unopened mail?  Has the insurance and taxes been paid on time?  Is there evidence that they are being financially taken advantage of?

  6. Eating and Cooking Issues:  Is there evidence that your loved one is not eating properly.  Are there signs of weight loss?  Is food expired?  Is there enough food in the refrigerator?  Are there signs of fire?

  7. Cleanliness:  Has your loved one had a hard time keeping up with housekeeping?  Is the kitchen and bath sanitary? Is there a lot of clutter?

Is it Time
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